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What is Product Branding?

Corporate branding creates a company’s overall image, while product & service branding attracts and excites the target audience. This boosts marketing and sales efficiency. The goal is not just new customers, but loyal fans who keep buying and spreading positive word-of-mouth!

What is behind Product Branding?

Product & Service Branding is about designing, naming, communicating and marketing products and services. It considers the connection with the main brand and the market competition. The marketing then chooses the best ways and channels to spread the branding message. This includes establishing clear goals and a strategy what to communicate on which platform and to whom!

Why is Product Branding important?

Product & service branding is essential to create a coherent company portfolio. It prevents customers from being turned off by irrelevant or poorly executed ads. For companies with diverse portfolios that want to grow, product & service branding is a key factor for effective marketing..
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