New Customers, new Colleagues and

sustainable GROWTH

for your Business.

Our Deal

Get you back on top.

The markets for small and medium sized businesses is getting ever more competetive. We are supporting our Partners in making it big: CREATORY helps you pop out from the dull masses by developing Fresh Branding and the integration of effective Marketing and Recruiting Systems. That's how we're forging new paths for acquiring new customers, new colleagues and deliver sustainable growth for your business.

Unser Trick

Getting rid of us

Great Design and Modern Websites carry enormous potential. But they're not going to drive droves of customers into your stores all by themselves.
We are delivering the necessary Marketing Know-How to businesses without dedicated marketing departments, to achieve that.

Have your Marketing and Recruiting up and running in no time - efficiently and effectively - thanks to concrete Strategy, Templates, Formats, Publishing Plans and Controlling Procedures.

Our Goal

Sustainable growth at the press of a button.

Our Partners

Are you ready?

Establishing a strong Brand that can encompass your organisations full potential is no easy feat. That's why our Partners and Projects are getting our full commitment - always.
This deal only works out if you can deliver the same commitment:
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Branding, Marketing and Recruiting include a lot of High-Level Decisions. Having Projects fizzle slowly out due to off-put decisions doesn't help anyone. We care about you success.
Accordingly we exclusively work with Stakeholders who are able to make executive decisions.
Branding, Marketing and Recruiting take exact knowledge of your target demographics and a wide range of perspectives to be creative and effective. That's why we need the interdisciplinary power of your whole Team!
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We want challenges. We only work with Clients with ambitous goals.
Those who wanna keep the same old same old will have to find another partner.
The competition wont wait for you to catch up. The renewal of your Brand and the Integration of digital Marketing & Recruiting are a Considerable Investment - one that's gonna pay off.

Our Services

We make it clear.

This "overview" shwos quite clearly: The amount of Marketing & Design topics is ever changing and a bit confusing to keep track off.
We make clear where your Business should start and which measures are really necessary - not just a fluke. Nothing more, nothing less.
Grafik Design, Fotografie, Editing, Videografie, Sound Design, 2D/3D Animation, Identity Design, Logo Design, Naming, Copywriting, Texting, Straplines, Slogans, Mottos, Wireframing, Website Planung, Webdesign, UI Design, UX Design, Interaction Design, AI gestütztes Design & Texting, Bildsprache, Tonalität, Layouting, Printdesign, Büroausstattung, Merchandising, Dropshipping, Pitchdecks
Marketing Strategy, Marketing Implementation, Market Analysis, Competetor Analysis, Target Demographics, Personae, Positioning, Communication Planning, organic Social Media Strategy, Social Ads, Search Engine Advertising, Content Marketing, Blog Conception, Ideation - Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Spotify, Publishing Plans, Task Management, Print, AI-Integration
Employer Branding, Career Pages, Recruiting Campagne Design, Job Advertising, Recruitment Funnel, Recommendation & Affiliate Programs, Social Recruiting, Recruiting System Integration, Market Analysis , AI-Integration. Employee Personae

Our Team

Always ready for the next Challenge


Actually, I am an industrial engineer and I am fascinated by technology and numbers. But I also love creative work shaping something entirely new. At CREATORY, I work with Jonathan and we ponder color combinations, logo ideas and marketing strategies. With Leo keeping us on track.

When nothing's on fire at CREATORY, I am putting out real fires with the volunteer fire department, trying to surf and sail or advance my master’s degree.

At work, I like to critically question all results and try to find all conceivable weaknesses before I am satisfied with the outcome. We all want to deliver perfection.


I have always been interested in kind of everything - but art and design have been a constant my whole life. To satisfy my thirst for knowledge, I decided to study industrial engineering.

On the side, I founded the political blog in 2020. In the same year, CREATORY offered me the opportunity to live out my marketing and design dreams. When I'm not working, you can usually find me among people: street photography, in a pub or at exhibitions - or getting involved in a new project.

Working at CREATORY allows me to take honest deep dives into new industries over and over again. I love being able to support passionate people in their work and even have a positive impact on other people's everyday lives.


I am the structural thinker in the CREATORY crew. I'm usually responsible for project management as well as building sustainable structures and processes for CREATORY and our Clients. My job at CREATORY is mostly to come up with methods to ease our and our clients   decision making.

This way we can extract the best ideas from the assembled creative minds tand mett out clients goals. After intense brand projects, I often plan to travel to recharge my batteries.
Usually it remains with the intention - because the next exciting project is waiting.

Our Process

That's how it goes

It's our goal to not only develop pretty design and pretty strategies. We want them to have a real impact. Therefore all our projects have somehow follow this process. This is how we make sure all decisions are sound and effective.


Write us a quick overview of your Situation and we'll get back to you within the week,What do you need?


What is it you do? What's the competition doing? Who's your target demographic and what the hell do they really want?


How can we acommodate you goals and your target demographics needs? How do we get there?


How can we make your Services and Values clear at first sight?


What material has to be updated? Which communication systems will you need in the future?
What are you waiting for?
Time to unleash your businesses full potential.
Let's go.

Our FAQs

What you want to know

What's the difference between Branding, Marketing & Recruiting?

Marketing and branding are terms that are often mistakenly used synonymously. Marketing refers to the activities that a company undertakes to sell its products or services. It is a process that aims to make potential customers aware of the company and persuade them to make a purchase decision.

Branding, on the other hand, is the process of creating a brand and its identity. The goal is to define the company’s image and set it apart from others. Strong branding gives marketing a deeper meaning and can strengthen customers’ trust and loyalty to the company.

What does "Branding" actually mean?

"Branding", in the sense of "Marking" should not be confused with “marketing”. Branding is a more complex process that must precede any marketing, even if it happens unconsciously.

When carried out with intention, branding starts with considering what goals, characteristics, strengths and position in the market a company occupies or wants to project. Once these are clear, these ideas, values and content are put into words, images and sound as appropriately, authentically and “special” as possible. So a corporate identity is designed - since this is “imposed” on a company similiar to using a branding iron, we speak of branding.

The results of branding, i.e. the principles, design and vibe of the company are then burned into the minds of the recipients with targeted marketing. The self-perception strengthened by good branding gives direction to the company, something that marketing can work with and potential customers and colleagues a unique provider.

What about small projects? Do they have to undergo the whole process?

Of course, not every project has to go through our complete process - taking on something that's already started is possible. To avoid having to make any quality compromises and to guarantee success, we always plan with a certain buffer. This way, the opportunity costs of a lateral entry - such as becoming familiar with a foreign corporate design or familiarizing oneself with existing strategies - can be covered.

Our experience shows: You're never "just building a website".

How long does a Marketing, Recruiting or Design Project usually take?

Smaller projects take about 4 weeks of work. Full-fledged branding projects usually take 3 to 6 months. For smaller businesses with few public interfaces that need to be considered, less effort may be required. As with all consulting services, delays often arise from difficult scheduling, uncertainty within the team or problems uncovered by the project.

This can be an enormously cathartic and profitable experience for a company. Nevertheless, it is precisely for this reason - also to achieve quick results - that it is worthwhile to focus heavily on design, branding, marketing and recruiting projects!

What does AI mean for Marketing & Design?

Artificial intelligence in the form of large language models such as ChatGPT, Bard and Bing are conquering the tech, business and of course marketing world by storm. Although we are still far from them really making entire jobs obsolete, they are enormously productivity-enhancing!

At CREATORY, we use chatbots and AI programs to help with brainstorming, texting and as a source of inspiration. As a young team of online marketers and business engineers, we naturally have a certain affinity for the possibilities of this new technology.

Accordingly, we are happy to support you by using the power of the latest state of artificial intelligence within the framework of our marketing and recruiting integration!