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in the heads of your target audience.

What is Corporate Branding?

Corporate Branding is the umbrella term for all Branding for companies and organizations. If you put your heart into it, it creates brands that stick in peoples minds and make your values and achievements visible at first glance. This requires clear positioning, thoughtful as well as unique design.

What makes good Corporate Branding?

Branding starts with name, logo, colors and website design. But extends to core messages, slogans and tone of voice of the text, as well as the choice of Marketing channels used. Design is at the heart of all Branding and is brought to life by its use in Marketing - to the people.

Why is Corporate Branding important?

A company that neglects its corporate brand and only tries not to stand out can do as good work as it wants, but it will still be forgotten A strong corporate brand, on the other hand, not only wins new customers, but also loyal colleagues!
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